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Retained Plan

Our Retained Plan (1/3 of the anticipated service fee up front; 1/3 at the end of 30 days, and the balance due upon successful completion of the search). The Retained Search is typically used for the most senior-level executive positions, a technically sophisticated position, or for a critically important or confidential search. The terms of this plan enable us to put on a full research team, award the search a top priority status and provide the most extensive search effort possible.

This plan also affords you the benefit of being presented with only selected candidates who have been pre-qualified according to your established criteria. The Retained Plan is essential for senior executive positions, for highly specialized or extremely difficult searches, or in instances where the available time and efforts of the company’s hiring authorities must be reserved for only those candidates who are final contenders for the position.

Priority Search Plan

Our Priority Search Plan is our most frequently utilized search option and is used for circumstances that carry some urgency; require specific level technical expertise or experience, or when the position is key to the operation of the organization. The Priority Search Plan requires a modest, non-refundable retainer fee that is later applied as credit toward the total standard fee arrangement. The amount of the Priority fee is determined by factors such as the number of positions to fill, the difficulty of the assignment, or the time frame in which completion of the project is required. In all instances, the retainer fee is later credited toward the standard fee due upon successful completion of the assignment.

Utilizing the Priority Search Plan enables us to get behind a search project more quickly with the involvement of the Project Team. The majority of our clients prefer the Priority Search Option since for a minimal commitment on their part, they are assured a full commitment on our part to design and execute a full-scale search effort, thus enabling our clients to choose from the best of the available candidates in the current marketplace.

Contingency Search Plan

The Contingency Plan is another tool to identify candidates for our clients. Though less formal and structured than the Retained Plan or Priority Search Plan, the Contingency Search Plan has proven to be a successful process in certain projects.


At RSI we offer search options that have been proven successful in finding quality candidates for our clients in a timely basis.  Let’s discuss the merits of each search plan and determine which plan will work for you.