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Our Search Process

1. Client Needs Analysis

Discuss and strategize the profile, the responsibilities, and expectations the client is looking for.

2. Discuss & Develop Effective Confidential Search Strategy

Discuss and strategize with the client how to approach the market place to present the search in confidence, the company’s position, and what details should be presented to the candidates to excite them about the position.

3. Client Confirmation

A specification report is compiled based on the needs analysis and is confirmed by the client.

4. Search Plan Development

Our research team develops a list of companies who may have a viable candidate who is a fit for the position.

5. Candidate Sourcing

We begin making contact with potential candidates and conduct in depth interviews. We decide if the candidates have the appropriate background, are willing to change jobs for the right opportunity, and if the candidates’ goals are in line with the client’s goals.

6. Present Short-List

We present the best of the best to the client, which are the candidates who are a match and are interested in speaking further with the client.

7. Client Interviews

The client will conduct interviews with the candidates that were presented on the short-list.

8. Interview Debrief

After the initial interview we speak with both the candidate and the client to discuss the specific reasons why or why not the position is a good fit for both.

9. Reference/ Background Checks

In depth reference checks and a background check are conducted the candidates being considered for hire. This report will verify the candidate’s employment history, education information, criminal history, social security verification, driver’s license verification and references.

10. Counter Offer Consulting

We prepare the candidate on what to expect when they resign and how to handle the counter offer proposal.

11. Make the Offer

We prepare and negotiate the offer with the candidate.

12. Follow-up

After the offer has been accepted and the candidate has begun working for the client, maintain contact with both the client and the candidate to keep updated on the status of both parties.