Lisa Sprowls

Lisa Sprowls is an executive recruiter/headhunter dedicated to serving the search and recruitment needs in both large and small manufacturers and distributors and municipalities in the Filtration/Water & Wastewater/Separations/Environmental Industries. She specializes in search and placement of sales, engineering, management and upper level management positions in the Filtration/Water & Wastewater/ Separations and Environmental Industries. She is a member of the American Filtration & Separations Society and The National Air Filtration Association.

Lisa, together with her team, works on search assignment’s that include Senior-level executives, (i.e. President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer), General, Plant and Production management/supervisory positions, technical and engineering positions as well as Sales and Sales Management positions. Our ability to place targeted, pre-qualified candidates into your organization starts with our extensive knowledge of the industry, member associations and recruitment and pre-employment experience. The Filtration Group knows what is crucial and critical and with a widespread network of people and companies deeply entrenched in the industry, we can supply a short-list of pre-qualified candidates faster and more efficiently than any other recruiting firm in the industry. We strive to understand the unique characteristics and culture of our client companies. This enables us to form sound judgments about candidate/client relationships and to offer solid guidance in their staffing decisions. We operate our business with integrity and we settle only for the best.

Recruiter Solution International’s vision is to become partners with our clients, to help their business grow. We emphasize Trust, Communication, and Confidentiality in our dealings with both clients and candidates. Aggressive, results-orientated companies in the Filtration Industry rely on Recruiter Solutions International to locate the person who is a highly accomplished, motivated professional who can make an immediate impact on their company's bottom line. Someone who can help your company deal with current problems, or help you take advantage of opportunities in a new market. From the start of any search project, we work closely with our client company to gain a clear understanding of the values, company culture and business goals. We are dedicated to helping our clients make the best possible hiring decisions-whether it is one key manager or an entire department.

Through our parent company, BackTrack, Inc., we are able to offer a comprehensive background screening service of all potential new hires. This process includes various background verifications and reference checks, such as employment, education, criminal search, motor vehicle report, and social security trace, which will greatly enhance your ability to protect your company's assets and reputation.

Industry Areas handled include but are not limited to:

Successfully working with manufacturers, distributors and municipalities. Some areas include: Water Filtration, Oil, Air, and Gas Filtration, Filter Media, Cartridge, Filtration & Separation, Membrane, Reverse Osmosis, Industrial Filtration, Filtration Equipment, Filtration Supplies, Wastewater, Environmental, Storm water, Dewatering Equipment, Wovens, and Nonwovens

Employment Positions handled include but are not limited to:

President/CEO Executive - Vice President (encompasses all departments) - Sales - Marketing - Field Service Technicians – Product Manager - Manufacturing and Production Applications – Technical Service and Support Specialists- Operations –Engineering – Design – Plant Manager – Production Manager – Operations Manager

Contact Information:

Lisa Sprowls
email: lisa@rsipeople.com
phone: 1-800-992-3875 x 313
Filtration Blog: http://www.filtrationrecruiter.blogspot.com
Wastewater Blog: http//www.waterandwastewater.com/blog

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Sales Representative - Filtration

Applications Engineer - Filtration

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